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31 December
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I’m a confused, ambitious, 18 year old girl living in ON. My life is currently under MAJOR construction and i like it that way. I love astrology and tarot cards. open mind, open heart.. I love dancing with my friends all night. I want to challenge myself, and I don’t ever want to settle for good enough. I’m currently going to college in a sea of others searching for themselves. I'm also working on my portfolio for internships and future careers. I like new experiences, new people, new places. I’m ready to start writing this new chapter of my life. I’m broke, constantly working, and striving for perfection. I always seem to compare myself to other people, but i'm working on it. Kindness and Love are most important to me. I’ll give you great advice but I can’t begin to give it to myself. I over think, and over analyze every situation. I’m easily stressed, very opinionated and probably just as lost or as found as you are. Get to know me.